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Disclaimer: I am NOT Scarlett Pomers. I repeat, I am NOT Scarlett Pomers. I don't know Scarlett Pomers. I can not relay a message to Scarlett and, as far as I know, Scarlett does not visit this site. If you want to contact Scarlett or her 'people', please visit her MySpace or Official site.

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New blog post from Scarlett

This has been posted on Scarlett's MySpace:

Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Message from Wunderland
Current mood: adventurous

Hey everyone!
Scarlett here. First of all, I want to thank you all for being so patient, (and loyal! ) with me. My EP, Insane, will be out VERY soon. Within the next couple of weeks, we'll be announcing the official release date. From there you'll be able to order the CD from my website(, which is being completely revamped and will be up very soon! ), or itunes! I can't tell you guys how anxious I am to get this cd out to you, and I'm really happy with the feedback I'm getting on the new song clips.

Another piece of news I'd like to share with you all is the upcoming launch of my photography website, MYWUNDERLAND.COM! Some of you may already know this, but photography is my second love(after music). Many of you have already seen some of the photos taken by me - right here on myspace, under the "New Photos" album. Yep, that's right; those are self portraits(My Wunderland Photography is me, heheh)! I don't just take shots of myself, though, don't worry. On, you'll be able to see my portfolio, and order prints if you like what you see! I'm really excited about this, and I hope you guys will enjoy my work. Also, I've uploaded some brand new shots in the "new photos" gallery for you to check out. :]

Speaking of photography, I've been doing a lot of self portraits for my favorite designers. Some of them are up here on myspace, but you can see more of me modeling these beautiful garments on the designers' websites!:

And more to come, so stay tuned.

Also, for those who like this sort of thing, I'm on Twitter:

But enough about business, let's get real here: I just have to express my sadness at hearing some bad news about one of my favorite bands, Dimmu Borgir. Two members of the band(Mustis, keyboardist; and ICS Vortex, bassist/clean vocalist) have left the band. Although I understand that sometimes band members have to separate in order for the good of the music, I still can't help but worry that they will no longer sound like themselves! Plus, Vortex's vocals are a brilliant addition to Dimmu's music. Ah, well. I wish both the current members of Dimmu, as well as Mustis and Vortex, the best. I know that both parties will go on to great things!

Anyways, that's a lot for my first blog entry in a while. Now, I've got to go finish my pirate costume for the RenFaire this weekend......

Corset Lace and a Happy Face,

Posted by Heather on 09-11-2009 05:39pm

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Be in Scarlett's band!

This has been posted on Scarlett's Facebook:

Scarlett is auditioning band members

Scarlett is preparing to launch her new CD, as well as play some live shows in support of the release.

There are slots open for the following:

Bass Player
Lead Guitar
*the ability to sing backing vocals is a plus!

You must be able to perform a wide scope of styles, with a focus on a heavier playing style. You must be able to provide examples of your playing in either mp3 or video form. You must also be able to learn 2 tracks that will be provided to interested applicants.

Auditions and rehearsals will be held in Las Vegas NV with dates being slotted as soon as possible.

If you are interested, please send your information and links to your music to:

Darrin Buchanan

All inquiries will be responded to.

Please, pass this on to all of your friends!

Posted by Heather on 07-12-2009 05:00pm

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New Music Clips

Check out Scarlett's MySpace for new music clips!

Posted by Heather on 06-25-2009 03:03pm

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Follow Scarlett on Facebook and Twitter!

New message from Scarlett's MySpace page:

"Scarlett has some exciting new things lined up for the summer, new music, perhaps some live shows, a new site to showcase her photography and much more. Stay on top of daily updates at Facebook and Twitter and watch for a brand new Myspace page!!!



Don't miss out on any of the exciting new things that are coming together!!!"

Posted by Heather on 06-21-2009 11:53am

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Lots and lots of New Photos! Kick ass ones, too.

Apparently, Scarlett has been hiding online as "Scarlett Noel". You can find lots and lots of AWESOME new photos here:

BTW, I love this quote from the ModelMayham page:
I prefer edgy, ethereal, dark, fantasy, creepy, fetish, pinup, fashion and frightening/bizarre shoots. However, I am very versatile and am always open to glamour, beauty, and more mainstream looks. I do NOT do nudes.

Good girl. No nude Scarlett.

BTW again, Scarlett is rock'n some hot bangs. I <3 them. If you hunt around a bit, you can even find photos of Scarlett with black hair. Interesting, but not as hot as the red.

BTW again again, I debated whether or not to add this link, but I figured what the hell. Here's the deviantART page for Scarlett's My Wunderland Photography. You can buy some of her photos there. <3 Oh, and no, I will not be posting these photos to my gallery. They are private copyrights, so I don't think I really can. Plus, I'd rather people check out her page.

Posted by Heather on 04-25-2009 12:12am

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